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Create wooden toys for your children

Education / January 9, 2020

Some time ago toys made of wood had almost no alternative for the vast majority of families with children. These days, this niche is almost entirely occupied by plastic products, and often not of the highest quality. The way out of this situation can be wooden toys with your own hands. It is enough to have minimal skills in simple woodworking tools for their production. Wood is an excellent material for making a wide variety of items and things for everyday use. Some of them will require high skill, but making many wooden toys with your own hands is quite simple.

These primarily include educational items for children under the age of four: as children learn and grow quickly, such fun briefly attracts their attention. Therefore, you should learn how to make more complex wooden toys with your own hands. Motivation of those who make wooden toys is hardly related to monetary gain. It is rather an expression of love for children, as well as subject of their pride in the masterful parents. Making such toys becomes a real hobby in which you can reach great heights. Use your imagination to create unusual toys, such as African, Australian, forest or ocean animals figurines.

The toy should be safe for a baby. To the greatest extent it depends on the properties of the material and quality of its processing. Therefore, wooden ocean animals are recommended to be made of hardwood:

- lindens;

- aspens;

- poplars;

- alders.

Harder varieties (oak, birch, fruit species) are also used in the manufacture of toys, but they are more difficult to process. Conifers, whose wood is prone to the formation of long sharp chips, are not suitable for children's toys.

But if you do not want to waste your time or you are not a handyman, you can just buy these toysin every toyshop, they are quite cheap.

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