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airborne express / dhl dc-9 freighter. 82nd airborne change of command ceremony. overview to airborne basic courses in 2018:. ft benning airborne school jump 71117. airborne school: ground week. soldiers attending the warrior leader course at the staff sgt john w kreckel nco. image titled survive air force basic training step 2. lackland air force basic training graduation. thursday events. air force basic training. air force ribbon chart see more now that\u0027s a tidy locker drawer lackland afb basic training i remember those days. img_20140217_154200_926. army basic training (bmt). the only bag i\u0027m taking with me. combat drills. care package basic training. here are some helpful tips for surviving air force basic training. click the image above to view. backpack backpack2. air assault school. army air assault school.

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